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New  Orleans is well known for its fantastic hole in the wall cuisine. If you want to find the best places to eat, simply ask around. I’ve found some of my favorite places to eat through word of mouth. That’s how I happened upon the Buttermilk Drop Café on a dreary Sunday morning.

A seemingly run down looking place located next to a Church’s Chicken on North Dorgenois Street, this café is home to some of the best donuts I have ever had.  The phrase “don’t judge a book by its cover” has never been so true.  This café is dimly lit and there isn’t much seating, but I would have gladly gone outside and sat on the ground to eat these donuts if I’d had to.

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We ordered a dozen donuts, some simply glazed and some jelly filled as well, along with a few chocolates. They were packed tightly together in a white box, hot and fresh, ready to go. We decided not to eat there, since there wasn’t much seating, and on our way home the smell filled the entire car, practically making my mouth water.

We got back and opened up the box to devour them, and I’ll be honest, I was extremely skeptical. They looked pretty pathetic, all mushed together in this little box. My friend told me to trust him, and handed me one of the glazed donuts.
I don’t know what these bakers do, or how they do it, but they’re doing it right. I bit into this mushy thing, spilling glazed bits everywhere, half expecting to be disappointed.

I was so wrong. The moment the sugary treat hit my tongue, I was sold. I devoured the first one and went back for more. What a perfect way to start off the morning!

We didn’t come close to finishing the box and later on for lunch, I grabbed another. I usually don’t like cold donuts but even cold, it was still fantastic.

I looked up their website for a little background information, and as it turns out, the creator of this establishment is a man named Dwight Henry.  According to their site, he grew up in the Lower Ninth Ward and in eleventh grade, he landed a job working at the neighborhood bakery, Rising Sunrise. That’s when his baking career started, and he’s been doing it ever since, known by his customers as “Mister Henry.”  He spent around two decades working in a variety of bakeries and ended up finally opening his own, called “Henry’s Bakery.”

Then, tragedy struck. Katrina hit, completely flooding the building, and he wasn’t sure if he should rebuild or not. Thankfully, his need for baking overcame the obstacles he was facing and Mr. Henry came back strong, much to the appreciation of his customers.

I highly recommend adding this establishment to your list of places to try, you won’t be disappointed.


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